soaked overnight flax seeds with banana and mango — tastes good! I usually do it without mango, but mango adds more flavor and sweetness.

Day 8. I feel like I deserve a reward after doing so well for the whole week, a food award… right… oh you sneaky brain, playing tricks on me.

Day 9. Squeezing juice from celery, kale and a lemon in the morning. Started to call my juicer — coffeemaker. I feel a bit better with hunger, don’t panic every hour to stuff apples into me. Also, I realized I was snappy the whole week and yelled a lot, so sorry family, mamma is getting rid of bad toxins. Still waiting for the glow on the skin, usually it is already visible at this time. Peeing every hour is annoying, usually I can hold it for half of a day without any effort.

Day 10. So yesterday night, after putting kids to sleep I sat in front of my laptop and felt like I’m not tired yet. That’s something new. Daytime is still tough though, can’t take long trips, because of fear to get hungry and be tempted by Starbucks pastry(no, taking food with me doesn’t help, when I see the drive through sign). But loosing 5 pounds out of 15 to be shed was nice. Figured that sprouted buckwheat doesn’t taste so awful if you mash it with banana and wash it down with tea.

Day 11. I felt like I don’t need to each that much anymore, either I’m used to a hunger feeling, or my body is changing. I can’t finish a meal and don’t feel like fainting. Still I eat often, just smaller portions. And still I get tired often.

Day12 wrong! I’m hungry as hell and feel tired of eating less. Also temptations are back. I ate a dumpling from my kids plate.

Day13. There is a new challenge for me. I’m fine eating good food, but I still cook for the family, so it is not easy. Right now I ran away from my husband eating mashed potatoes with fried eggs — my favorite food:(

Day 14–15. I slipped few times, allowed myself a dinner and then breakfast and then dinner again. I think I feel strong enough not to give up this time.